New Jellyfish Tank


I’m still in the process of setting up my invertebrate lab. Since this is my first trickle filter and dedicated jellyfish tank, I purchased one as a system from Midwater Systems. It was pretty easy to put together, especially with the great instructions that they sketched for me as a guide.

2017-10-23 13.22.19
Back of the tank
2017-10-23 13.22.57
Gallow (upside-down)

Connected everything together and I’m letting it run for now. I had a little trouble with the flow, but I put a regulator that comes with the pump on and it looks like everything is connected and running like it should be.

There is a very small creep around one of the seals, I’m keeping an eye on that to see if it’s something I’ll need to address. I might need to drain it anyway if I want the water level to be lower (I’ll have to cut the overflow pipe). But for now, it’s working well!

Next I need to add in some salt and put in sand and a thermometer. I also have a metal halide light that will hang from the gallows on the tank. Then it’ll be time to let it cycle! Trying to decide if I want to seed it with live sand or live rock.

2017-11-02 10.49.35
Up and running!


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