Chemical highs…and lows

The tank has been up and running for a while now. The environment of the tank is doing very well in terms of the nitrogen cycle, all levels are staying close to zero. The calcium and alkalinity have been dropping though, with occasional dips in the pH. The last pH drop killed my jellyfish, so that seems to be a primary concern. Adding liquid calcium helped with that, but it made the alkalinity worse. I’m trying right now to find the balance between baking soda and liquid calcium. I also dosed with a marine stabilizer.

I haven’t been doing regular water changes mostly because the tank seemed to have established a pretty stable environment. But something changed to drop the calcium significantly, possibly the increase in coralline growth. I will probably do a significant water change and vacuuming before the new jellyfish arrive next week. The instant ocean contains trace mineral that are probably contributing to the problem. I’m hoping the levels will stabilize before I leave for Australia.

Here are some pictures of the algae and critters that are hanging out in the tank waiting for some more jellyfish friends:

The good news is that the fire worm infestation that I had seems to have been taken care of (knock wood) we found several the first time around, 4-5, and a couple of dead bodies and one large live one was found about a month later. I haven’t seen any since, but I’m planning on setting up a constant monitoring system soon, which should help detect them (and get some good footage of what the tank does when I’m not looking!)


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