The little (giant) anemones that could?

As part of a rather strange sort of accidents, I ended up with two giant anemones in my tank. They’ve been gradually shrinking until now one of them is about the size of a standard six-sided die and the other is about the size of a green pea. I’ve been wanting to transfer them to the tank with the stronger light, but haven’t been able to get them gently off of the glass until now. One of them hitchhiked onto one of my floating thermometers, so I moved it yesterday. So far nothing has happened except it adhered and then dropped off the side of the tank. I put it in the center of the tank with a shell (in case it wants to adhere to it, and now all I can do is hope. It’s not necessary to my research, but I would like to keep it alive if I can. I’ll report back in a week.

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